Tower G - NEW

Type A & B (3B2R)
Type A Type B

Tower J

Type A & D (3R2B)
floor A - 2020

Type A

floor D - 2020

Type D

Type B & C
floor B - 2020

Type B

floor C - 2020

Type C

Tower H&I

Type A & C
Type A (953sf)

Type A (2R2B)

Type C (953)

Type C (2R2B)

Type B
Type B (995sf)

Type B (2+1R 2B)

Type D
Type D (1072sf)

Type D (3R2B)

Mutiara Ville is considered a new investment opportunity with rare gem. This is largely contributed to the fact that there are close at hand , with the intent of the developer to provide ready-made student accommodation in a security , a number of higher education institutions environmentally friendly lifestyle. CUCSM & LIM KOK WING University proved to be a good catchment population to attract a huge number of students in Cyberjaya.

Keep it touch with our friendly representative & experience our latest development project which is Tower J, Tower H&I in Phase 3 by reputable developer.